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Hiding your sshd with ufw and knockd on Ubuntu

I don’t like it if malicious programs or people try to hack my server. I do, however, like to have access to my server, via ssh of course. Not just from home, but from wherever I happen to be. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Wifi USB adapter N300 in Ubuntu server

In my living room, I have a home theatre PC that runs UbuntuĀ 14.04 with Kodi (formerly XBMC). I wanted to reduce the amount of cables under my TV, so I bought a Sitecom N300 Wi-Fi USB adapter. It turned out … Continue reading

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Using virt-manager on MacOSX with Dvorak keyboard layout

I have a hosted Ubuntu machine that runs KVM for virtualisation. I just created a new VM, and wanted to use virt-manager to get a graphical VNC connection to the machine. So, I did the following on my macbook with … Continue reading

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Deleting spam with postfix and SpamAssassin

For years, I’ve been using mutt as my main mail program. I love being able to use mutt in screen and thereby having access to my email from anywhere, with just ssh or PuTTY. Back when I first created this … Continue reading

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Irssi tricks: ignores and hilights

I like the IRC client irssi a lot. I’ve been using it for many years now, and have learned many tricks about it. In these irssi blog entries, I’ll be sharing some tricks with you. The /ignore command is quite … Continue reading

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