Wifi USB adapter N300 in Ubuntu server

In my living room, I have a home theatre PC that runs Ubuntu 14.04 with Kodi (formerly XBMC). I wanted to reduce the amount of cables under my TV, so I bought a Sitecom N300 Wi-Fi USB adapter.

It turned out to be pretty easy to configure it from the command-line. Here’s a short guide for you to follow.

First make sure that the kernel drivers are loaded via  lsmod | grep rtl and seeing rtl8192cu  in the output. Then you need to install the wpasupplicant  package, which can manage connections to WiFi base stations:

We need to create a config file for this package, as follows.

You should replace Blauwmutsenpad by your own network’s SSID, and typeyourpassword by the password to your network.

Make sure you remove the line with the plaintext password from the file /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf  after you’ve created it.

Then we need to tell the network system that there is a wireless network card. To do that, we add the following to /etc/network/interfaces :

After that, you can activate the wireless connection with:

The wireless connection will also be activated automatically after booting.

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