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Evaluating decisions afterwards, or results-oriented thinking in real life

In your life, you have to make a lot of decisions. Most of the time, there are uncertain factors in your decisions, because they have to do with the future. For example: Shall I buy insurance for my new, expensive bicycle? At what … Continue reading

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Expiring temporary information

Imagine you are a developer, working on a backend system with reservations. A new requirement comes up: if a reservation is not paid within 24 hours, it needs to be expired. Your reservation table already has a field creationDate . So … Continue reading

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Paybox integration using node.js – with example HTML

This post will help you get Paybox integration to work using node.js. You can find a full working example in the src/paybox-integration dir of my blog code repository. Paybox is a French payment provider. Getting their integration to work can be quite a … Continue reading

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Wifi on IP Cam EM 6220 does not work – or how not to design your UI

I bought an IP cam to spy on my little baby girl. The plan was to set up this camera above her bed. It has wifi, so the lack of network sockets in the bedroom should be no problem. Setting up wifi … Continue reading

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Why we chose JSON-RPC over REST

If you don’t want to mess about with XML, REST is pretty much the industry standard for creating an API. Initially, we had a REST(ish) API. But after using it internally at HomeRez, we were not very happy with how … Continue reading

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