Terrible Websites 2

It’s time for another round of “interesting” websites. Thanks to those of you who sent me some links!

If you have a chain of stores that sell computer parts, I would assume you have some experience with the internet, including how to make a good website. Apparently my assumption is rather naive, as you can see at the site of MSY Australia. I especially like the “jobs” link at the bottom… that jobs page really inspires confidence!

I also found yet another pet-based website, this time about golden retrievers. This site isn’t even that bad, but still, using Comic Sans as the font on your entire website? Urgh. I don’t know why this is, but many websites about pets have a terrible design. Any idea why?

Another website that makes the Comic Sans error is that of Clare House Primary School in Bromley, UK. Since it’s the website of a primary school, you could argue that the website is mainly for children; but if you look at the contents, it’s more aimed at the parents. Bad idea.

Are you interested in the unity way of life? You can find out exactly what it is on the Unity Chapel site! I like how they didn’t even buy their own domain, but host their site on a subdomain of the website builder site they chose.

For the last page, make sure you turn down your volume, because it has sounds. A radio commercial, it seems. It’s the website of the super market chain Nettorama, in the Netherlands. My poor eyes, and my poor ears!

Do you know of any terrible websites? Please email them to me at terriblewebsites (at) garion (dot) org!

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