Terrible Websites 1

This is going to be a new section with a recurring theme. There are some terrible, terrible websites out there. It amazes me again and again what some people seem to consider cool or usable websites. In this series, I’ll share some of the gems with you that I’ve encountered over the years.

A note in advance: I am by no means attacking the people behind the websites. I’m sure their intentions are good. It’s just that these intentions are sometimes expressed in… interesting ways 😀

Let’s look at some examples.

http://www.zangerpetro.nl/ – a Dutch singer. The flaming background makes the page a hundred times more awesome.

http://detibetaanseterriernieuwssite.nl/ – a site about a certain kind of dog. The blue on blue text at the bottom isn’t very readable and the pictures give a rather chaotic impression. At the bottom, in the right, there’s a serious warning: it’s not allowed to link to this page except with express permission. The rest of the pages contain similar threatening texts.

http://www.welshcorgiclub.nl/ – more dogs. Note the wonderful message at the top about the ideal resolution. Also, the title doesn’t fit, so what do you do then? Yup, you use <marquee>!

http://www.applefly.nl/welkom_bij_applefly.htm – This is a graphic design company. Do I need to say more?

Have any other terrible pages I should post about? Feel free to comment them or email me about them!

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  1. J. Swillens says:

    Please remove my internetadres from your blog immediately

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